Invite 9 people to raids

Let’s join the Raids with 10 or more trainers including the host and guest so that you can win with confidence even if there are trainers who do not have countermeasures Pokemon ready, low level trainers, beginner trainers!
Also, if you join the raid with a large number of people, you can defeat them faster and the speed bonus (★5/★3/★1) and mega energy (mega raid) will increase, so it is recommended.

  1. First, the host enters the Raid Lobby and invite 5 trainers at once.
    By setting the order of Friends to “Friendship” in order of increasing, guests who have just become Friends can be displayed at the top.
  2. After approximately 35 seconds have elapsed since the first invitation, four more people can be invited.
    * If the host has access to the gym, can invite additional 5 trainers.

[rough indication of time schedule]
120 seconds remaining: the first invitation start
110 seconds remaining: the first invitation completed
— 35 ​​seconds cooldown time —
75 seconds remaining: second invitation start
65 seconds remaining: the second invitation (additional invitation) completed
* Set the order of friends to “Friendship” in order of increasing

In this way, Invite as many guests as you can to defeat the boss!
In additional invitations, guest trainers also need smooth participation.
Let’s defeat the boss cooperating everyone!

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